Friday 29 June 2007

Last Day - Le Luc to Monte Carlo

Awoke to another glorious day of sunshine and blue sky's. We set off along the N7 the final leg. The scenery was of vineyards, and pine forests.

After a brief stop for coffee (Mangy Moose) in which this caused Le Boite to break down, a call to suppport and the car was repaired. The amazing thing is that all the cars have made it so far.

The road was small and winding, plenty of hair pin bends to negotiate, this must have been madness before the motorway was built. Somewhat a disbelief that this was once the main route to Monte Carlo. After Frejus we made the slow and majestic climb up through the hills and pine forests. The scernery was stunning and the CV's grunting and groaning. A great way to travel, all roofs back with the odd water fight.

BAck down from the mountains and onto the coast, the prize was nearly ours. A stop at a cafe for a quick sandwich outside Cannes before heading off along the Coisette and in the direction of Nice.

The road was now small and busy, the sun was shining, we are on the Med. Heading for Nice and along the Promenade de Anglais, the water shimmering in the sunshine and looking very inviting. Needless to say the traffic was horrendious but all car made it through. It has now become apparent that we are near the Italian border as the driving is becoming somewhat erratic, little signals other than hand signals!

After Nice we stopped at Eze for a panoramic view on the hill of the Med, lots of large yatchs etc. The driving is fun climbing the hills and around hairpin bends again.

Past Monte Carlo and onto Menton to the Italian border. Up to the old border post, plenty of locals making the most of the cheap Italian liquor and tabacco taxes. A few bottles of champagne were cracked open along with the obligatory photos.

Back towards Monte Carlo or Monaco as Monte Carlo is only one of the 5 districts that make up the pricipality.

Into Casino Square where we had reserved parking amougst the Ferraris, Buggatti's and Rollers. It was an amazing feeling that we have made it, lots of photo's and locals greeting us.

After leaving we had the most horrendious time looking for the hotel and eventually finding it. Monaco is full of tunnels, one way systems. We drove in convoy on part of the circuit and lots of photos were taken, through the tunnels the roar of the 2CV engines quite impressive through the tunnels. The hotel is right on the border, and you can walk in and out of Monaco without realising it.

The view from the hotel impressive over looking the gin palaces, huge boats.

After checking in, half the team took the cars to Eze the transporter as it could noy get anywhere near Monaco. The drivers had a interesting time getting back as finding a taxi in Monaco is virtually impossible, lift from passers bys were gained.

A welll deserved celebratory dinner at the Cafe de Paris had been arraonged. A quick scrub up and into the centre of Monte Carlo to Casino Square, rubbing shoulders with the uber wealthy - the show of wealth is breathtaking. All the people seem to be monied, beautiful and young!!

This was our last night all together so a glass of champagne to toast the cars and the amazing donations that we have recieved, thank you everyone. It has been an exceptional week, good fun, hard work for the cars.

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Anonymous said...

We'll be glad to have you home but feel for you as you must be a little sad that it is all over. You have done an amazing job and everyone is so proud of you, definitely a fabulous story to tell the grandchildren!!!
Tracking your progress several times a day has been great, i'm going to really miss it!
Can't wait until tomorrow Nigel, i think this is the longest we have been parted for in over 20 years?
Take care coming home, all our love Alison, Alicia, Henry and ClaraXXXX