Sunday 27 May 2007

Marlow May Fayre

The seven 2 CV cars were assembled together for the first time in Higginson Park, Marlow, for the Round Table Marlow May Fayre. Accompanied by the 2 motor cycle out riders all the cars looked stunning in their new white 118 118 livery.

The two 118 actors joined us for the day and there were a lot of confused looking people as they hung out of the top of a 2CV for a four car procession through Marlow. Even the dog of one of the pilots joined in by donning an 118 T-shirt!

There are loads more pictures on the new Rosbifs & Snails photos website (click here)

Tuesday 22 May 2007

All the 7s

Earlier today I took the Marlow Donkey down to Evans Graphics to have its Rosbifs & Snails and 118118 logos applied. We'd done about 7 miles when my daughter Beci noticed the speedo and took this photo. 77,777 miles travelled in a car that cost £777 and will be taking Jeremy and me down the N7 to the South of France over a 7 day period. I wonder how many times we are going to break down?

Sunday 20 May 2007

The first two cars are Branded

Andy sent me a few pictures of the first two cars to be branded with the Rosbifs and Snails and 118118 logos. Both Andy and Nigel's 2CV and Mark and John's 2CV were already white so theirs were the first to have the stickers applied. This was done on Friday and they took these photos on friday afternoon.

Re-Spray Update

On Friday morning I collected the re-sprayed Marlow Donkey from Holly Coach Works and took the opportunity to take a few photos of the 5 cars that were up there. Both the Marlow Donkey and the Boite de Peu were finished and parked outside ready for collection. The Red Duke of Cambridge had been cleaned and was being prepared for painting whilst Amelie II was waiting for her turn.
The other red car, Mangy Moose was parked at the back of the pound in much the same position as I saw her when I delivered my car for painting 10 days ago. Has she been forgotten?

Monday 14 May 2007

The Number UK - tour's main sponsor.

The Number UK, better known as 118118, have provided a significant donation to the event and become the tour's main sponsor. All of the 2CV cars will be painted white and branded with the well known 118 red stripe logo. Mark Horgan, CEO of The Number UK commented: “As soon as we heard of the Tour we knew it was something we had to be involved in. It’s such a great idea, and a really enjoyable way to raise much needed funds for an excellent cause. Those involved are investing a lot of their own time and money in this event, and the least we could do is help out with a contribution. We wish them luck – having seen the cars I think they’ll need it!”. To review the press release, click here.

County Life Magazine feature

County Life Magazine feature the Rosbifs and Snails Tour in their May / June Edition. Andy Ackermann and Nigel Bowater are featured with their car "Aly". To see a copy of the article, click here.

The cars will be all white

Over the weekend, the process of repainting the cars started in earnest. Following the deal with 118118, all of the cars will be white and will be branded with the well know 118 red stripe logo. I popped up to the paint shop with Craig and he took these photos of my and Jeremy's car ready for painting and of Richard and Robert's car being cleaned. These two cars should be complete within the next day or so ready for display at the Marlow May Fayre on Saturday the 26th May.
2 of the 7 cars are already white meaning that there are 5 cars that need to be painted. The remaining 3 should be done by the end of this week. The guys up at Holly Coach Works in Stokenchurch are doing the respray and will be applying the logos which have been produced for us by Evans Graphics in Maidenhead.

Friday 11 May 2007

Leaking Betty 2CV

Brendan McGinty writes:

Betty is the car Tim and I bought. At the moment we are not sure whether or not we keep this name. At 4 o'clock this morning my wife woke me to say there was a terrible smell of petrol. Still dark I opened my back door to be met with horrendous petrol fumes, £20 of petrol was now leaking on my drive. What do I do? got the hose pipe and ran water under the car to dampen the fumes, 5 o'clock pushed car out to the end of my drive to let the petrol leak on road. hose pipe still under car to dilute the fuel.
7 o'clock: I am writing this e-mail, £20 of fuel down the drain. Anyway, I assume this is just a rubber fuel pipe and can be fixed cheaply?

Thursday 10 May 2007


Welcome to the very first entry in the Rosbifs and Snails Blog. Over the coming weeks we will keep this blog up to date with news and photos. Come back here for a daily update once the tour has left Marlow.