Saturday, 23 June 2007

Abbeville end of day one update

The ferry journey went according to plan until we hit Calais. It took less than five minutes for all the vehicles to become seperated and lost. Even though we had two way radios it was complete chaos!

We spent 30 minutes trying to extracate ourselves from Calais before we found the D127 South towards Abbeville. We regrouped outside a patisserie in Hardinghen, where we updated the logos on the side of the cars to "118 218". We then proceeded at various speeds South, where some of the 2CVs "just" exceeded 70mph resulted in later fines and "L" plates for various drivers at dinner.

We were surprised at the number of French people that waved and recognised the "118 218" logo. When we stopped for petrol, several children recited and danced to the "118 218" tune. This is a good omen for out trip tomorrow to Paris !


Anonymous said...


I have to say what you are doing is great. And to think you made the effort to come to my wedding the night before you left Both Rachel and myself send you all the luck and love in your quest and thanks XX

Anonymous said...


its me alicia, i was just wondering what prezzie you have bought for me from paris. The others wont mind if you dont buy them one just a lovely one for me!!

love alicia
p.s mum had a little accident in your car(green one) nothing much it hardly shows when its dark(its nothing like the one on mums car which you did)xxxxxxxxxx cya soonx