Sunday, 24 June 2007

Day 2 update (Sunday 24th June)

Here is an summary of Sunday's activity

We all started the day at an 8am briefing except for one Rosbif who didnt turn up. Our set off time was 9am and with a little light rain everyone was ready to leave - but we were still missing one Rosbif! By 9.15am the decision was taken to leave without the lone Rosbif and let the support car bring the sleepy Rosbif along after getting the hotel reception to tell him we had all left without him! (more on this possibly separately).

We headed South through Airaines and regrouped for fuel at Grandvilliers after about an hour. Although the snails are surprisingly quick there are a lot of traffic lights and junctions on the side roads which have slowed us down a bit.

We arranged to reunite the "sleepy" Rosbif with his car at Beauvais and all met at a McDonald's. That was fine except for the "Boîte de Peu" which took a detour to the centre of Beavais and went to the wrong McDonald's!

After our late start we decided to make up time to Paris by joining the A16 motorway and eventually zoomed into Paris past the Stade de France with the Support Vehicle taking the lead. From the Perifique we headed into the centre of Paris and here the ViaMichelin navigator was extremely helpful directing us through the Parisian streets. We think we programmed the shortest route as we did take some frightening small and narrow back roads but successfully emerged, as a complete convoy, just by the Notre Dame at 1.30pm.

We were an hour and a half late and had lost our police parking, however we managed to park in a line right in front of Notre Dame where we met Richard Lamberts Sister. Many Pictures were taken around Notre Dame including a team photo at the start of the N7 in front of Notre Dame.

After about 1/2 hour we set off for our Paris tour, firstly travelling up the Champs Elysees, taking our life in our hands as we circled the Arc de Triumph several times and then on to the Eiffel Tour. We managed to park South East of the Tower in a line with a perfect picture pose. Many people came up to support us including several Japanese tourists wanting their pictures taken with the cars.

From here we headed back to the start of the N7 South of Notre Dame and then from there South to Orly. We had planned to meet some people from the 2CV club at Orly but this didn't happen so we carried on South to Fontaineblue.

We all parked at the back of the hotel and were met by a French camera crew making a film about the 2CV for its 60th birthday. We spent a lot of time giving interviews and talking to the crew until it was time to go to dinner.

Dinner was at an interesting restaurant within walking distance where the food was very good but service didn't quite live up to expectations. After that we headed back to the hotel for the evening fines for bad driving and general indiscretions and then to bed ready for day 3.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having a bundle of laughs ! Pictures look fab !

Jackie Hudson said...

Gergures Bonjour! Hope you are having a successful day. The photos of Paris look great and must have given you a real high to receive all the interest through La France. The send off on Sunday was very exciting and left your supporters on a real emotional high especially when 3 more 2CV's were spotted cruising over the bridge - quite bazaar! 2CV has featured at Goodwood too! Let me know if you want me to send some photos. Hope you are having better weather than we are. Avoir une bonne journée.

Anonymous said...


hey how are you, is the weather good over there its been raining on and off today(monday) have you taken many good photos already for me!!??
cya soon

Anonymous said...

hi dad (John)
how are you?
looks like your having a great time!!
we have seen a picture of nearly everyone on the trip but you and Rob.
missing you loads!!
Emma, dan, katie, Soph and Jim

Anonymous said...

hi dad(mark)
mum was right you did brake down in dover!!!!!!!!!!lol:)
your not doing the hard work in the support car!!! but i suppose someone had to do
miss you more than ollie and lucy.
good luck,

love luke,ollie,lucy,mum and the kitys ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks Great. Could we see how Richard and Ians 118 moustaches are coming on!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Hope the trip still going strong. I'm still amazed that you have had only one breakdown over the last few days! And to you 'Boit De Peu' wrong McDonalds... Dear me. Soon you'll end up in Morroco instead of Monaco!!!
I would like to see some pictures of some moustaches too.
Speak to you soon