Wednesday, 27 June 2007

All arrived safely in Avignon

After the days stresses and strains on the cars they all arrived in Avignon without any further problems around 7pm. Somewhat surprisingly the Daisy arrived 20 minutes before any other car. (We think that this was because Daisy only has wheel problems going round corners and so any roundabouts on route were just driven straight across regardless!).

We had dinner booked at 8pm at La Fourchette which is Michelin bistro recommended restaurant. The food was very good, the local wine (Chateauneuf du Pape white and red) was excellent and staff were great fun wearing our Rosbifs stickers. We preseneted them with a framed photo of all of the 2CVs for them to hang on the wall. One of the snails didnt make dinner until the cheese course, so now we have 2 sleepy Rosbifs!

After dinner we had a wander round the very pretty town, a glass or two more of red wine with others on Cocktails! and then off to bed after another very busy day.

We are intending to have a wander around the town first thing in the morning, with the joggers out at 7am having missed their early morning excercise in Lyons. We should set off again around 11am


Anonymous said...

Hi Dad and John
Sounds like you two are having a whale of a time. Hope all the cars (and bikes) make it to Monaco. Enjoying reading about your adventures each day and looking at the photos - tell the photographer too many pics of cars and mountains and not enough of the bikes!!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Love from Sam (and mum)

Anonymous said...

Not far to go now!! Another day and then you can all have a nice rest with more of that fabulous local wine, cheese, bread - mmmmm

We do wish you would tell us who the sleepy Rosbifs are tho'. Any more pictures?

Thinking of you all - Nigels family - John & Sara

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how the "LAMBERT TASH" is coming along - great daily news from you guys - keeping us all entertained

Our Welsh Farm said...

Hi Jeremy & all,
Well done, great to hear from you & see the progress, we'll keep an eye on you.
love Russ, Eira,Rhys & Amy
Lakeside Farm Park in sunny(at the moment!!) Wales

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
Love hearing all the news. Must say there is loads of info about what you have had to eat and drink!!, not quite so much about the actual cars! Any chance that Aly may not make it back to blighty, children fed up with wearing paper bags on heads when you pick them up from school in her!! Keep up the good work we think you are all amazing.
Lots of love, Alison,Alicia,Henry and Clara (and Mabel the dog)

Anonymous said...

Hi hope your on four wheels, not three Richard and Robert!

Look forward to seeing you on sunday!

Hope you guys aren't too exhausted, good luck for the rest of the journey!

Lots of love and luck from Marcus, Leslie & Maurice

Anonymous said...

Very envious of you all in Avignon drinking Chateuneuf du pape. Spent most of my year abroad drinking pastis in the bar des Celestins (Place des Celestins I think) and chatting up the locals. Thanks for your call Witty! Good luck tomorrow!

Jackie Hudson said...

Wow! Can't believe that you are almost there. Well done everyone and let's hope you can all make it across the finishing line. David, did you remember to stock up on the Chateuneuf De Pape? Enjoy the last few hours of your adventure. Everyone back here in England are so impressed with you guys. Lots of love Jackie, Beci and Emma xxx