Thursday, 28 June 2007

Mangy Moose blog - 28th June

Pilot Andy G writes: A walk around the town started the day off. The sky was azur blue well we are heading to the Cote de Azur. A visit to the cathedral and other historic monuments before heading off at 10, well it always take ½ hour to get organised. Oil checks and final mechanical checks before we headed off, we sound like a swarm of wasps, well sleepy bees!
Off down the N7, for a fuel stop and proceeding in convoy. The countryside has suddenly changed to arid Mediterranean scenery, fields of lavender, tomatoes and melons.

We stopped outside the small town Lugnac at 1.30 at a Routier, a very basic menu for €11 each, delicious steak and chips washed down with local vin. The rule that the driver in the morning can drink at lunch time and then navigate and co pilot in the afternoon. (Co piliot of the Moose still managed to be unable to read the sat nav)
After a long and lazy lunch in the shade of large plane trees we set of for La Luc. This is the way to travel through France, 2CV with the roof down and a comfortable speed of 80kms, although we have pushed the Moose, she rattles, rocks and rolls, however sadly we are becoming quite fond of her!!! Shall Lucy sell the Volvo and this becomes her family car?? Good on fuel the tank takes £17 to fill it up, very economical.
Water fights had begun, with gentle amounts being thrown, with the quantities somewhat increasing as the afternoon went on. After detours around Aix en Provence we proceeded down the N7 with water guns being fired and water bombs being thrown out of cars, something about the sun and mad Englishmen and dogs came to mind!
Over the radio came the call that the coil on the Boite had over heated and that a pit stop had been made at a roadside lay by. This was a calculated attack. On pulling over we were mercilessly attacked with not guns but 2 litre bottles of water a cooling down, an inch of water filled the base of the car. After general horse play with water we set off to La Luc and the hotel. The heat and the roof down and air con on (the front air vent open!). The bikers were attacked along with “the hanger on” vehicle in a surprise sting.
The scenery is stunning, just as you imagine the Provence region.

On arriving at the hotel, beers were ordered before jumping into the pool. General lazing about the pool then took place with a few more cool beers taken on board. Dinner at 8.30, yet again another stunning meal, 5 courses for €43 , it shows how much we pay for food in the UK, delicious.
The weather stunning so we ate out on the terrace. More water fights took place at the table, and Rob managed to squirt a table of Italians, it cost him a round of drinks and nearly caused a ‘flip flop’ incident!

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