Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Richard Lambert's Sponsored 118118 Moustache

Richard Lambert has been offered £200 as a donation if he grows a 118118 moustache by his return from Monte.

Richard has accepted this challenge, which really will be a challenge as his usual shave involves a rub with a rough towel!

If anyone else thinks that this challenge should be properly rewarded (as he will have to start now and look like a vagrant for the next two weeks prior to departure and still carry on business) then they are welcome to add to the donations for Richard and Robert or for the whole tour. Just add a suitable note to your donation so that we know why you've sponsored!


Anonymous said...

It seems that the opportunity see see Richard's face covered up is proving popular with £450 donated so far...thanks???!!

Fortunately I am being joined in my venture by big Ian Brown who is more hursuite than me and should put on a good show of drooping appendage.


Anonymous said...

Itchy, itchy, itchy