Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Tour Day 4 - Tuesday 26th June

Reporting from outside the Hotel in Lyons 10:00 ready for departure.

(Full update on Day 4 later on today as we are about to depart after 7 of us had a rather late night bicycling around Lyons at 1.30am! [Ive been asked to include the names of those bicycling around Lyons in order to show that we are keeping fit each day - Richard, Robert, Mark I, Ian, Nigel, Andy G and Rob)

After breakfast and tour around the very impressive Chateau, we asked Robin to wait at the bottom of the hill to video all the 2CVs coming down a very steep hill. True to form as we turned out of Chateauneuf The Moose turned left instead of right in completely the wrong direction for the camera! Frantic car to car radio calls turned all the cars around at the bottom of the hill and with lots of blue smoke we drove backup the hill to take the right route and hopefully have some great video infront of the Chateau.

From there we headed South again on the N6 where there were vinyards on both sides. We had been visiting old petrol stations on the Route Nationale, however we were a little concerned about fuel when we couldnt find any that were open! So the support car asked the ViaMichelin device to take us to the nearest one which was in Saintt-Aubin.

All fuelled up, the next dilemma was what do to for lunch ! Again we use the ViaMichelin to find us a couple of recommendations nearby. We headed throught the vinyards to a Michelin recommended restaurant in Puligny-Montrachet called "Le Montrachet". The staff were very friendly and didnt seem to mind 20 Rosbifs descending on them without warning. The next problem was choosing the wine. The local Montrachet wines started at 200 euros and the best was 3,000 per bottle! We settled on some more reasonable and local white from Saint Aubin along with a couple of reds. The food was quite fantastic along with outstanding service.

.............. (To be continued with more stories and pictures shortly)


glavers said...

A l'attention des enfants de Foxes Piece!
Ne pas s'inquiter! The Duke of Cambridge (et les autres voitures) viendront a L'Angleterre sur un transporteur. Votres collecte c'est un grand montand d'argent. Bravo! C'etrait tres gentil de votre part.
SVP excusez-moi ma grammaire mauvais!!

Anonymous said...

On est tres content que toutes les voitures se sont bien retrouves.
Les enfants veulent savoir, est-ce que vous avez mange des escargots?! Si oui, est-ce qu'ils etaient bon?
Bonne continuation - quelle aventure merveilleuse,
Tout le monde a Foxes Piece School.