Friday, 29 June 2007

First major break down - La Boite

We stopped in a village so Andew G could get a coffee (late night again) and whilst we were waiting Le Boite stalled and would not start again!

With the bonnet up and triangle erected, firstly we tried a new coil but as that didn't help Richard started stripping down the engine by the side of the road.

The support vehicle brought supplies of yellow jackets, swafega and easy start.

After each of these had been liberally applied and the spark plug re-inserted we tried to start Le Boite again and she sprung back into Life!

Now back on the road again head for Italy and the end of the N7

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha! Sorryu i shouldn't laugh. But i will anyway!
The Marlow Donkey is blatently the best snail... It hasn't broken down or anything too much yet!
Unless i now sound stupid and it actually has!
ANYWAY i think a mass water fight should breka out in Monaco as a photo shoot. Just an idea. Whilst dressed up as the 118118 guys obviously!
Hope you're all well
Mini Hudders =) xx