Friday 29 June 2007

Cars are being loaded onto the transporter

All the cars are being taken about 1/2 hour drive back towards Nice as the car transporter cant get any closer down the windy roads. We are busy loading them all up and are then going out to the Cafe de Paris for a light evening snack!


Anonymous said...

hi Dad (John)
looks like you had a great time!!
its sad its nearly over!!
it was very nice to look at the blog every day and see what you where up to!
we are all very proud of you for doing this!
missing you
love Emma, Dan, Katie, Soph and Jim

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Just to say that I have converted loads of people into Snailites and the watchers on the blog are growing by the hour. I worked a stand at a show at Olympia today and we had the blog and the map up on a big screen - people at the show were coming past and checking on your progress and it was mad how many people knew all about you.
Hope the Sat Navs were useful and good luck selling them on Ebay and putting the money towards the cause!!

Proud to have been associated with you all!

Stu (ViaMichelin)

P.S. How about next year ...Fiats to Farrari...Fiat 126's to Italy....each car sponsored by a company like you guys dont have to pay your own way! We cover the car and the Hotels and stuff.

Anonymous said...

bonjour mon pere(nigel)
hope you have had a gr8 time who knows mabe you'll be back in time for claras party yeyyyyyy!!!
mum told me to tell you that her ring size is 'K' (hint hint)
DONT get carried away at the casino just walk away when you have made your first million!!!

alicia xxxxxxxxxxxx cya soon

Geoff Lavers said...

Well done guys, on a mission accomplished. We've enjoyed following your progress along with all the daily updates (despite the rather odd spelling).
Following Stu's suggestion for next year, how about;
Beetles to Berlin?
SAABs to Stockholm?
LADAs to Leningrad ? (perhaps not)
Welcome back home to the same glorious sunshine that you are enjoying on the Cote d'Azur!

Jackie Hudson said...

Hi David,

Congrats on reaching your destination! I think Stu's idea of driving Farrari next year sounds exciting. Beci has just suggested that the guys drive Fiat and the Ladies drive Ferrari!

What do you think girls?

We are all so proud of you. The website has been a great success; giving us daily updates has helped to share the experience with you. I know your Mum and Dad have enjoyed logging on daily. Can't wait to see you on Sunday.

Love Jackie, Beci and Emma xxxxx