Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Mountain lunch day 5

Reporting from a montain top at 720m just south of Vanence. (Gilhac-et-Bruzac)

We decided to take a slight detour and try the 2CVs on some very wiggly and steep mountain roads. We had stopped earlier at a Citroen garage as the Daisy's front wheel was making a noise as if it was falling off, but the Citroen mechanic said it would fall off when it was good and ready and to continue until it did!

Lunch and wine (Margeaux) was setup to be the prize at the top of the mountain and surprisingly all the 2CVs and bikes made it!


Davey and Sammy said...

…you guys look like you’re enjoying yourselves far too much, making me, and I’m sure many others, rather envious as we sit here at work pining for the Friday feeling. A daily blog check provides some light relief to what would normally be a very monotonous day – well done and keep it up!

Tim – your jacket looks good!

Anonymous said...

Wholeheartedly agree davey-and-sam - have you looked at some of the hotels they are staying at?? AND the menu, wish we could eat like that!!! Of course, with wives at home, especially Alison looking after 4 children on her own - well I ask you :-))

Well done Nigel and your fellow pilots - bon chance and yes we have been following your progress, hour by hour almost.

John & Sara

Anonymous said...


Moving on... You lot really do the wierdest things! The lunch and wine i can understand but the top of a hill/mountain/whatever it was is slightly odd.

But thats just the opinion of a 15year old!

Bonne Chance!

Jackie Hudson said...

What a hard time you guys are having, and I thought it was tough running the family home, ferrying the kids, working and installing the new trampoline. But hey! Glad to hear you guys are managing to keep fit, even if it is 1.30 am! Seriously though it's fab to hear how your day has gone and what an exciting time you are all having. Jackie x

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, You'll be glad to hear that i am feeling better now, so there is no need for you to pack up and rush back home!!!!
Your trip looks great and i'm looking forward to hearing all about it in great detail, again.....again....again and maybe even again!!!
Take care (don't forget to keep taking the tablets as you know what happens when you forget!)
All our love, alison and co XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Loads of our children had seen the cars in the town and are very excited that they can follow the "goings on" from our computer suite. They love the photos and are very interested in the diary events. Can someone please buy them a postcard?
What a fantastic opportunity!

Chris Taylor
Foxes Piece

Anonymous said...

Hey Witty, Sounds like fun! Don't forget to bring me back a little snail intact! Love Viv and Paddy (who shoulda been in bed hours ago!)