Friday, 29 June 2007

Day 7 start - 29th June

We are setting off at 9am this morning after the keep fit runners finish their lengths in the pool! Its a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies and the roofs will all be rolled back on the 2CVs as we depart. We are aiming to go beyond Monaco today and into Italy where the N7 Route National officially ends. There was some talk of carrying on to Rome but a number of the cars are making strange noises especially turning left so we thought we had better not risk it. We are aiming to have lunch in Nice and have official "Photo Shooting" permission outside the Casino at 4pm.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you boys got a little moist yeasterday.
Good luck with getting to the finishing line. Bubbles x

Anonymous said...

Henry was very surprised to hear about the water fights. He said "but i thought they were all 40 something, aren't they a bit old for water fights" I had to explain that sometimes even REALLY old people like to have a bit of fun (in moderation) and that you would probably have had to have a nap afterwards to recover!!!
Glad to see you are having such fun, Nigel we are missing you lots, enjoy the last couple of days. Loads to do here when you get back you'll be pleased to hear!.
All our love your loving familyXXXX