Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Robifs following the great blog comments from France

All the Rosbifs are reading the blog comments which are brilliant, Thank you. We would also like to say hello to "Les enfants de Foxes Piece" who are following us in their French class and comments.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

I have some great pics of the Send off and the Le Mans Start.
Let me know where you want them sending....


Stu (ViaMichelin)
p.s. My boss loves what you are doing and wants to know what your next mad adventure will be and how we can help. He already agreed to a big promotion for it on our web site!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog and wish I was there but some off us have to work for a living! Any chance of some pics of the cars with their drivers wearing French maid outfits??

Anonymous said...

Hellooo Mark! Man, I just love the petrol station shot on blog. So wish I was gonna be there for that hill-climb. All sounds and looks a great laugh, great stuff, Sam :)