Sunday 1 July 2007

Last blog from Monaco

The first taxis have left with the Rosbifs on their way to Nice airport.

The remaining 9 Rosbifs are just finishing breakfast waiting to be collected by a shuttle bus to take us to the Monaco Heliport. We have negotiated a special deal with the Monaco helicopter shuttle (for those of us that are not afraid to fly) to take us to Nice in recognition of our support for the UK Air Ambulance.

Rosbifs signing off....


Jackie Hudson said...

Well guys quite an emotional day all round I think! What a week and such a tremendous achievement. You all deserve a huge pat on the back and some TLC when you return home. It brought quite a lump in throat to see the cars on the transporter, and I am sure you were all feeling the same.

Wow! A helicopter ride too. You certainly know how to travel in style.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the airport and especially to have you home David, we have all missed you.

Looking forward to our reunion at Stoner Park.

Love Jackie,Beci and Emma xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad it's Emma. Wow Dad you have made it! The MARLOW DONKEY is a success. I have got so much to tell you! Can't wait to come and pick you up from the airport. I am missing you so much. Love Emma xxxx

Unknown said...

Wow, are we proud of you all.

A wonderful, if zany idea transformed into a wonderful success for a great cause.

Well done Rosbifs.

Mike & Betty

Unknown said...

Wow! Are we proud of you all, and so pleased you enjoyed it.

A wonferful-if zany- idea converted into a brilliant success for a very worthy cause.

Now back to reality.

Mike & Betty

Anonymous said...

A very big Well Done to all of you, such a big acheivement.
Bubbles x